Testimonials – Marketing

“I’ve already gotten six new Ideal Clients and have tripled my monthly income!”

I used to be a person who was really scared of marketing.  Now, with the Stand Out & Be Juicy program, I feel so connected to it. I now feel pure and beautiful about putting my message out there. Marketing use to overwhelm me, and now it feels easy! Amazing things began to happen before I even finished the program; I have a TV interview coming out, another interview with a magazine and I’ve already gotten six new Ideal Clients and have tripled my monthly income!  Because of Stand Out & Be Juicy, I now have clarity about whom I want to work with and that alone is attracting more and more clients. I have learned to own my value, connect with my brilliance and realize my contribution. Ever since I said, “Yes!” to working with you, it feels like I’ve fallen into God’s arms and I know I’ll be taken care of. Thanks Lisa!

—Shalini J. Yamdagni, Emotional and Physical Pain Relief Expert, www.eftthailand.com
“I can already see myself increasing my rates in the near future!”

"I come from a corporate marketing background in my previous career, and I’ve found that it’s crazy how much more difficult it is to market yourself. The Stand Out & Be Juicy process helped me feel so much more defined in my business. Finally, I feel that there is something actually tangible that I'm offering because the results are clear and real. I can already see myself increasing my rates in the near future and having people really respond when I communicate about what I do because it's so much clearer to me.”

—Andie Jones, Be Well Nutrition, www.LiveBeWell.com
“Working with Lisa gave me the clarity and confidence to say what I know my clients need to hear so they can find me!”

"It was as if the sun suddenly came out from behind the clouds. Marketing was a bit of a mystery to me, but Lisa's Stand Out & Be Juicy program gave me the clarity and confidence to say what I know my clients want and need to hear so they can find me. It was all a bit hit-and-miss before, but Lisa is committed to you finding your voice so your Ideal Clients can hear you, and her process is both interactive and thorough. I've already attracted new clients by only saying just a few of the words that came out of my work with Lisa. If you're committed to helping your clients by speaking their language and making your marketing easy and natura,l then don't hesitate; find a way to work with Lisa Cherney!"

—Kay White, Savvy & Influential Communication Expert, www.wayforwardsolutions.com
The program shifted my thinking - I got clarity!

When it became clear that it was time to grow my business to the next level, Stand Out & Be Juicy gave me the line extension I needed to move forward. Lisa’s program shifted my thinking from identifying client solutions to unearthing my Ideal Clients’ problems. I got accountability and healthy peer pressure around doing the marketing homework for my business, plus Lisa gave me affirmation and coaching around the clarity of my marketing message.

—Andy Christiansen, Business Advisor, www.HighCapacityLeaders.com
“I tend to dismiss the things that let me shine…I can now own them!”

"What I love about the Stand Out & Be Juicy program is that it’s very intuitive. I tend to dismiss the things that let me shine and really, the homework and timelines are just creating a structure for me so I can be still and let some of that stuff come up. Now I can now own them and not downplay or dismiss them. Lisa, you said at the beginning to trust the process and you’re right. It’s just getting better and better!"

—Jenny Aiello, Life Coach and Wellness Consultant, www.JennyAiello.com
“For the first time ever I’m going to create the copy for my website before I go to a website designer.”

Thanks to my course with Lisa, I am for the first time ever going to create the copy for my website before I go to a website designer. I’m relatively new to the idea of success and a big A-HA! moment for me came when we discussed marketing strategy. I’m learning to appeal to my target market’s pain while remembering to focus more closely on my Ideal Clients.

—Meredith Hill, Hills of Africa Travel, www.hillsofafrica.com
"I have had several very successful products each grossing over 5-figures!"

"I was the expert who always needed to read one more book before I could call myself an expert and I think that's why I really didn't value selling my knowledge. I had people pushing me to create products and all I could say was, 'There are plenty of good products out there, what am I going to add to the mix?' Lisa was the one to help me breakthrough my thinking and see the value of my expertise. Now I've had several very successful products each grossing over 5-figures. A big part of working with Lisa was her support when I had angst about this change. If you don't push through and have a number of people who support you, you'll just spin your wheels and never reach your big financial goals."

—Michele PW, Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist, michelepw.com
"I am now SO clear...and already it is so good!"

“What this process and my Stand Out & Be Juicy posse’ have given me is the ability to come up with the structure for my business. Before the class, I was sort of all over the map ... I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn't have the words to describe it. Now I do. I have the words and the business name and the structure and a clear idea of who my Ideal Clients are, and already it's so good. Even better is that I know it's going to be continually growing and developing and I love it! So, thank you Lisa."

—Mary Schmid, Life Coach, www.MarySchmid.com
“Lisa was worth every penny I invested and I am forever grateful.”

“Participating in Lisa's Stand Out & Be Juicy program has propelled my business in so many positive ways. People now know what I do because I can explain it to them in a way they can understand. Because of my language, I am attracting my Ideal Clients and LOVING it! I have a clear focus now, and I know who I can help the most and exactly what benefits they will receive from working with me. The more I got focused on who my ideal client was and what my juicy benefits were, the more excited and motivated I became to put myself out there more. It has made a world of difference for me and working with Lisa was worth every penny I invested and I am forever grateful.”

—Carrie Saba, Health Coach, www.CarrieSaba.com
"Lisa helped me develop a clear marketing message!"

“Before working with Lisa, I did not have a clear marketing message for my business. I knew I needed it, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Lisa’s “Stand Out & Be Juicy” Blueprint Program was brilliant. She gave me the framework and support to enable me to methodically create my juicy marketing messages with ease and grace. It was also enlightening to receive feedback and support from the other wonderful participants on the small group calls. Overall, I am delighted with the result!”

—Sue Landis, Extreme Success Strategist, Founder, LiveBOLD, Inc , www.LiveBold.com
I have a clear vision of how to move forward

“Before enrolling in Lisa’s Stand Out & Be Juicy course, I was easily intimidated and felt awkward trying to express my value to others. But now, I’ve become really comfortable with marketing to people in the right way and at the right time. I know I have a long way to go, but thanks to Lisa, I feel like I’m finally on flat ground and have a clear vision of how to move forward. Stand Out & Be Juicy has not only provided the foundation beneath my feet, more than that, it has become the wind beneath my wings.”

—Liz Volmer, The wind beneath my wings
Working with Lisa has helped me get incredibly clear!

"Doing this work with Lisa has helped me be incredibly clear in not only what I'm doing but also why I'm doing it and who I'm doing it for. My commitment and my passion are really, really strong and I credit Lisa's guidance as well as my Stand Out & Be Juicy groups' camaraderie for it. This has been such a beneficial time for me and I'm so grateful!"

—Zan Packard, Founder, Loving The Adventure, LovingTheAdventure.com 

"Working with Lisa has Transformed me!"

“Not only did I get the result of clearly communicating in simple, effective, powerful ways what my business is, but the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program was so much more. It transformed me. The process Lisa guided me through connected me to a deeper level of understanding myself, what I do and why I love it! Working with Lisa has transformed me. I own my contribution to the planet. People get what I do now because I am clearer inside and more enthusiastic than ever!"

—Cynthia Goerig-Waldrup, Director of Development, The Garden Company
"Lisa helped me gain clarity to set up my business!"

"This course has made all the difference in the world in helping me figure out how to lay out my plans to get my company up and running. The headline questions Lisa provided have been enormously helpful for me because they made me think in a very different way about what it is that people want from me and how they might need my help."

—Hillary Hutchinson, TransitioningYourLife.com
"Lisa helped me understand how to get the juicy benefit!"

"I am just so thrilled that I took this course because I hate to write, I really do. I struggle with it and I was never able to write well about my product or my services because I didn't understand how to get the juicy benefit. Now I feel that what I am offering looks so much better now on paper and will help me get more sales in the long run. I am so glad I made the investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked me about it."

—Juanita Ecker, Professional Image Management , professionalimagemgt.com
I have gained double the amount of clients than I had before I took the workshop.

I loved your program, you made marketing yourself fun! I took away an entirely new awareness of how I was presenting myself to prospects. Since your workshop I overhauled my marketing resulting in nominations for a variety of prestigious committees. I can't believe how much more energy I have since I'm able to focus on what I like to do. I have gained double the amount of clients than I had before I took the workshop. Also, people are amazed at how I'm better able to get inside their minds, and have begun to refer others to me for help, which is exactly what I wanted! Referrals allow me to cut out doing things that I hated doing; such as cold calling! Now I feel like I am being treated as someone with expertise in my field. I love you for pointing my life in a whole new direction!

—Claudelle Johnson, Financial Advisor, Wachovia Securities, LLC
My website traffic has doubled and I need to hire an assistant to help me with my increased workload.

I didn’t have really any text on my website worth a darn for about 4 years. Then, I did the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program. I was so jazzed afterwards, I couldn’t even sleep. I re-wrote my whole website and added a half-dozen pages. I re-wrote my brochure and business card. It was fun and it just flowed right out of me. My website traffic has doubled and I need to hire an assistant to help me with my increased workload. And, I am getting business from all over the country.

—Charlotte Howard, Founder & Lead Designer, Sweet Internet, www.sweetinternet.com
"I experienced a journey of profound self-discovery"

I loved working with Lisa in our private sessions as well as interacting with the entire group in our class forum. We learned brilliant SOBJ strategies and I was able to identify my Ideal Client then create authentic, convincing copy for my website. If at any point along the way I found myself getting lost, I could return to the previous steps, get back on track and eliminate my ever lurking self doubts. By the end of the program, I had not only created a powerful marketing message, but I had experienced a journey of profound self-discovery. Lisa, you’re the best!

—Dr. Gay Ben Tre, www.drgaybentre.com
The Stand Out & Be Juicy process was a pleasure AND a relief!

I am so grateful for Lisa and the Stand Out & Be Juicy program. It was a pleasure and a relief. She cares! Lisa was diligent in reminding me to own the power of the cutting edge work I’m doing. Through the process and her coaching, I changed my coaching programs, refined my Ideal Client profile, and connected with the wording that speaks to them while reflecting my passion. Re-writing my website became a creative pleasure again. The Stand Out & Be Juicy process and forum gave me a place to ramble through the details, have a simple supportive system, and group of dynamic entrepreneurs for feedback. Lisa’s commitment to a simple and prosperous business style as well as her skill and intuitive presence drive the program. Funny, I stayed with my same tagline. But it carries new meaning for me. That’s the beauty of the Conscious Marketing focus in Stand Out & Be Juicy.

—Shelly Hawkins, Founder, The Self Connection, theselfconnection.com
"Now I have wings to fly."

"I’m so, so excited since starting Stand Out & Be Juicy. I’m just exploding with passion now that I’ve gotten a sense of what I want to say and how to say it. The passion has always been there, but now I actually know what to say and that feels so good.

I’ve always had a passion for my business but Lisa is the icing the on the cake. You can’t do anything if you don’t know what you want to say – your hands are tied. Lisa’s given me wings to fly."

—Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman, www.thejuicywoman.com
I feel EMPOWERED and at EASE finding the exact right words

"I just wanted to CHEER you again for your amazing Stand Out and Be JUICY System! You quite literally put the "plumbing system" in place in my business so that when I am ready to tap into Source and let the words flow they come right out!!! Because of the structure that you have developed in your Juicy Blueprint I feel EMPOWERED and at EASE finding the exact right words to not only Express myself but to make the connection with the people I am most activated and EXCITED to serve. Thank you, thank you, thank you for distilling your brilliance into a system that is super fun and will help me to build products, services and marketing materials that are super FUNDED by the market I am here to serve. When you built this system and taught it to me it opened up a Geyser of possibilities that just keeps on Gushing! Now THAT'S Juicy!"

—Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Empowered Messenger