Would you be out there more if you
knew what to say about what you do?


Do you spend a ton of time marketing
but have nothing to show for it?

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to stand out in the crowd of competition. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of businesses that offer the same services or products as you. There are lots of folks who have the same certifications, degrees and title as you.

But here’s the crazy part – even if your competitors say they do the same thing that you do, but really don’t … it doesn’t matter. Why? Because clients and customers can’t tell the difference!

It’s time to own what makes you unique. It’s time to translate your passion into your marketing. If your website, your brochure, and the way you introduce yourself at networking events do not inspire clients to say, “I need that!,” your marketing is not doing its job and all of your efforts are a waste – of time, of money, and ultimately, your talent.

What if the perfect words rolled off your tongue in any marketing or selling situation? Could this confidence increase your income? If so, it’s time to find those words, own what makes you great and channel those juicy gems into your marketing.

When your marketing sounds like everyone else’s, the clients you attract want a plain, watered down version of you because they don’t know the unique you. Often these are the clients that ask for discounts, complain and ultimately suck the life out of you and your business.

Do you share these frustrations?

  • I’m investing money on marketing and not getting the results I want!
  • I’m tired of working with pain-in-the-butt clients who drain my energy. I want to attract more of my Ideal Clients.
  • I’m confused about all the marketing advice out there. I don’t know which marketing strategies are the best for my business so I hold back.
  • The clients I attract do not value my passion and unique approach.
  • I lack confidence in describing what I do because I can’t find the right words.
  • I don’t touch as many lives as I could because I have trouble communicating the value I provide.
  • My website (brochure or flyer) is not done because I don’t know what to say.
  • I can’t take my business to the next level because I need help with the words/content of my marketing materials.
  • There are lots of businesses that look like they offer the same product or service. I need help communicating what makes me unique.
  • I have thoughts about giving up on my dream and getting a job.

If you are ready to attract tons of your Ideal Clients (the ones who love to give you money and respect your distinctive approach) join Lisa to learn how to magnetize your marketing and create a business full of passion and profit!

You will be able to:

  • Add thousands of dollars to your bottom line by learning the critical difference between a target and an Ideal Client.
  • Communicate your unique approach using a step-by-step method for finding the perfect words.
  • Attract tons of your Ideal Clients by using powerful marketing strategies that fit any budget.
  • Maximize the impact of all your marketing investments.
  • Get results faster than ever before.
  • Market any product, service or business you ever have by implementing this simple system you can use over and over!

Is Your Business a Leap of Faith?

Like many of you, I escaped from Corporate America in 1999, after being laid off. It took being laid off 3 times in 2 years to push me into taking the leap of faith. Having been in corporate marketing for 15 years and with ad agencies working with brands like AT&T, Lipton, Equal™ and Nissan, I thought I had it made for marketing my own business. However, as many of you know, marketing ourselves can be very challenging, even if we have marketing and sales experience. I soon found myself struggling.

The freedom I sought was long gone and I lost a ton of money (precious when starting out) on all the marketing stuff I was told I should do. IT WASN’T WORKING! Before I knew it, I was rewriting the marketing book I had learned from and created the Conscious Marketing 8-step system which is now the foundation for the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program. I figured out how to translate my personal passion into my marketing (something they don’t teach at those big advertising agencies) and then how to laser in on my Ideal Clients. I was wasting a ton of time and money on marketing and attracting clients who reminded me of my old bosses instead of the right clients – i.e., those who reminded me why I took the leap of faith in the first place! And now I am able to use this to help my clients achieve much better and more rewarding results in their own businesses.

“I just wanted to CHEER you again for your amazing Stand Out and Be JUICY System! You quite literally put the “plumbing system” in place in my business so that when I am ready to tap into Source and let the words flow they come right out!!! Because of the structure that you have developed in your Juicy Blueprint I feel EMPOWERED and at EASE finding the exact right words to not only Express myself but to make the connection with the people I am most activated and EXCITED to serve. Thank you, thank you, thank you for distilling your brilliance into a system that is super fun and will help me to build products, services and marketing materials that are super FUNDED by the market I am here to serve. When you built this system and taught it to me it opened up a Geyser of possibilities that just keeps on Gushing! Now THAT’S Juicy!”

Amethyst Wyldfyre

“I’m so, so excited since starting Stand Out & Be Juicy. I’m just exploding with passion now that I’ve gotten a sense of what I want to say and how to say it. The passion has always been there, but now I actually know what to say and that feels so good.

I’ve always had a passion for my business but Lisa is the icing the on the cake. You can’t do anything if you don’t know what you want to say – your hands are tied. Lisa’s given me wings to fly.”

Andrea Amador

I am so grateful for Lisa and the Stand Out & Be Juicy program. It was a pleasure and a relief. She cares! Lisa was diligent in reminding me to own the power of the cutting edge work I’m doing. Through the process and her coaching, I changed my coaching programs, refined my Ideal Client profile, and connected with the wording that speaks to them while reflecting my passion. Re-writing my website became a creative pleasure again. The Stand Out & Be Juicy process and forum gave me a place to ramble through the details, have a simple supportive system, and group of dynamic entrepreneurs for feedback. Lisa’s commitment to a simple and prosperous business style as well as her skill and intuitive presence drive the program. Funny, I stayed with my same tagline. But it carries new meaning for me. That’s the beauty of the Conscious Marketing focus in Stand Out & Be Juicy.

Shelly Hawkins

I loved working with Lisa in our private sessions as well as interacting with the entire group in our class forum. We learned brilliant SOBJ strategies and I was able to identify my Ideal Client then create authentic, convincing copy for my website. If at any point along the way I found myself getting lost, I could return to the previous steps, get back on track and eliminate my ever lurking self doubts. By the end of the program, I had not only created a powerful marketing message, but I had experienced a journey of profound self-discovery. Lisa, you’re the best!

Dr. Gay Ben Tre

I didn’t have really any text on my website worth a darn for about 4 years. Then, I did the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program. I was so jazzed afterwards, I couldn’t even sleep. I re-wrote my whole website and added a half-dozen pages. I re-wrote my brochure and business card. It was fun and it just flowed right out of me. My website traffic has doubled and I need to hire an assistant to help me with my increased workload. And, I am getting business from all over the country.

Charlotte Howard

I loved your program, you made marketing yourself fun! I took away an entirely new awareness of how I was presenting myself to prospects. Since your workshop I overhauled my marketing resulting in nominations for a variety of prestigious committees. I can’t believe how much more energy I have since I’m able to focus on what I like to do. I have gained double the amount of clients than I had before I took the workshop. Also, people are amazed at how I’m better able to get inside their minds, and have begun to refer others to me for help, which is exactly what I wanted! Referrals allow me to cut out doing things that I hated doing; such as cold calling! Now I feel like I am being treated as someone with expertise in my field. I love you for pointing my life in a whole new direction!

Claudelle Johnson

“I am just so thrilled that I took this course because I hate to write, I really do. I struggle with it and I was never able to write well about my product or my services because I didn’t understand how to get the juicy benefit. Now I feel that what I am offering looks so much better now on paper and will help me get more sales in the long run. I am so glad I made the investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asked me about it.”

Juanita Ecker

“This course has made all the difference in the world in helping me figure out how to lay out my plans to get my company up and running. The headline questions Lisa provided have been enormously helpful for me because they made me think in a very different way about what it is that people want from me and how they might need my help.”

Hillary Hutchinson

“Not only did I get the result of clearly communicating in simple, effective, powerful ways what my business is, but the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program was so much more. It transformed me. The process Lisa guided me through connected me to a deeper level of understanding myself, what I do and why I love it! Working with Lisa has transformed me. I own my contribution to the planet. People get what I do now because I am clearer inside and more enthusiastic than ever!”

Cynthia Goerig-Waldrup

“Doing this work with Lisa has helped me be incredibly clear in not only what I’m doing but also why I’m doing it and who I’m doing it for. My commitment and my passion are really, really strong and I credit Lisa’s guidance as well as my Stand Out & Be Juicy groups’ camaraderie for it. This has been such a beneficial time for me and I’m so grateful!”

Zan Packard

Investing time in Stand Out & Be Juicy will yield foundational content for all your marketing from your website, brochure and sales letters to your business cards, flyers and even for your introduction at networking events. You will have the words and you will attract the clients.

Marketing Made Easy for Everyone

The businesses I work with are in at least 30 different industries including financial services, wellness, technology, event planning, consulting and even dating. What do they have in common? They all were sick of wasting time and money on marketing and not getting the result they wanted. And, they were willing to stop, and invest time to dig in and uncover with the perfect words ensure their marketing was doing its job … attracting their ideal clients!

This is for service professionals who have lots of competition like coaches, consultants, healers, engineering firms, lawyers, realtors, internet marketers, interior designers, image consultants, professional organizers and landscape designers. This is also for people who have special products like memorial websites, upscale party kits and clothing that are hard to describe.

I’m now invited to speak at the most prestigious professional associations … such as Professional Coaches & Mentors (PCMA), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Institute for Management Consultants (IMC) in addition to national conferences with hundreds of businesses owners. Everyone wants to have clarity about what makes them unique and to learn a system for translating their passion into every piece of their marketing. Imagine confidently answering the question, “Why should I work with you instead of that other company that looks like they offer the same service?”

How does it work?

This invite-only Marketing Message Mastermind includes:

  • Small Group Juicy Marketing Coaching and Feedback Sessions with Lisa and a few others.  It’s like having your very own market research team every step of the way. Know once and for all if what you say will make ‘em buy!
  • Hands-On Interactive Program (This is NOT a home study!) The live small group sessions are combined with structured weekly assignments, audio lessons, step-by-step worksheets and easy-to-follow templates so you get your message clear and complete once and for all!
  • Private Members-Only Online Forum for easy downloading of materials, peer support, high level networking, instant feedback & masterminding.
  • Juicy Marketing Audit so Lisa can personally review a page of your new “Juicy” marketing (home page, one-sheet, flyer, etc.) to guarantee that you got what you came for and will start attracting your Ideal Clients immediately!

It also may include:

  • Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions w/Lisa to crack the code on the strategy to attract your Ideal Clients, restructure your business, create your speaking topic or group program, or anything else that will get you to your income goal!

Outcomes you’ll use in your marketing materials immediately:

  1. Identification of Your Ideal Client and Niche! Stop discounting to please everyone. Focusing your marketing on the ones who are ready, will allow you to maximize time, effort & income!
  2. Irresistible and Unique “Juicy” Benefits About Your Product or Service. This is the #1 thing clients want to know! Get their attention with the result or outcome they can expect, and they will invest in themselves through you!
  3. The Perfect Thing to Say at Networking Meetings!  Never again dread the question, “So, what do you do?” Make those hours at live events pay off by coming home with new clients. They will finally “get” what you are about the instant they meet you!
  4. A Rockin’ New Expert Title, Program or Company Tagline. NEVER have any comparison to any “competition” ever! Say good-bye to “Life Coach” or “Business Consultant” or whatever standard title everyone else in your industry uses!
  5. Attraction-Based Headline Questions that Inspire People to Say, “I need that!” Learning to create headlines that make prospects think you read their mind is worth millions! Not cute or catchy, just straight to their hearts. (Utilized in every piece of marketing.)
  6. Recognition and Articulation of Your Unique Abilities that Answer, “Why choose you?” Great for a compelling bio! People buy from people. Credentials don’t make you stand out. Use your story so clients know you “get” them!
  7. Outline of Key Low-Cost Marketing Strategies that Get Results! Stop wasting money! Learn to laser in on your Ideal Clients and identify high-impact, low-cost strategies and create a 90-Day marketing plan to launch without looking back!


I only work 3-4 days a week while making
a Half-Million Dollars a Year.

Best of all, I only work with my Ideal Clients. (Those who value my expertise love to give me money and are excited about growing their business.) I make this happen by making sure my marketing does its job! My website screens clients so only those who are truly a match call me. My networking yields high-impact opportunities because I know exactly what to say in my introduction. I don’t even need to use brochures because my business card was strategically designed with must-have juicy elements. And I can show you how you can easily create these same results.

During my 13 years in business, I’ve helped thousands
of clients launch their own new businesses…

…and enabled seasoned professionals to take their game to a new level. A small business is an extension of the owner. Because the business evolves as the owner evolves, we need to update our marketing message and positioning to match this new phase of development. When we learn a system for translating our evolving passion into our marketing, we will never again struggle with updating our website.

From now on, whether it’s a new product or a whole new business, simply plug into the techniques taught in Stand Out & Be Juicy and you’ll be set to launch in no time!

Other marketing experts are my biggest fans.

Every day, I get referrals from website designers, Internet/social media specialists, graphic artists, publicists and copywriters who require their clients to go through the Stand Out & Be Juicy Program. Why? It guarantees their clients will get the results they expect. Website designers don’t know what content to put on your homepage! Copywriters don’t know what makes you unique! They need your input to do their best work. They need you to have precise clarity about the impact you make on your clients. The final product will be exponentially more effective at attracting the business you want because YOU provided the juicy content!

Charlotte, a top web designer in Sedona, AZ, flew me there to work with her clients so they would finally finish their websites and pay her the second half of her fee!

(First, Charlotte went through the program herself and this is what she had to say…)

Create all the content you will ever need for all your marketing materials … ever!

 How can I get started?

This is a VIP level program that requires a qualification interview. You will be working very closely with Lisa and possibly other VIP clients, so an invitation from Lisa or one of her Juicy Marketing Coaches is required. If you are invited to participate, payment plans and other allowances may be discussed at that time.

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