Are You Charging What You’re Worth?

One of the toughest things mission-driven entrepreneurs face is figuring how to set rates for their businesses, especially when it comes to charging for our time and our expertise. The thing is, we’re lovers; that’s how we got into our heart-based companies in the first place. We want to help people – as many as we can – so it’s easy to fall into the trap of sacrificing our own interests in order to provide for someone else.

But, y’all, a mission-driven, heart-centered business is still a business. And you deserve to get paid for the value you provide , because you do provide value and your efforts pay off big time for the people you serve.

I was talking to a client recently who was terrified about raising her rates. Although she brought years of experience to the table, had a proven track record for helping her clients achieve their goals, and had a super impressive collection of testimonials saying as much, she still had a hard time pushing her prices to the level she, deep down, knew she deserved.

This woman is very spiritual and relies heavily on her intuition and guidance to direct her work. (My kind of gal!) When it comes to serving her clients, she lets spirit lead the way, which has made her quite successful in every arena except financially. When I asked her what spirit communicated to her about her pricing, she said that she had a block around intuiting how to set her rates, but she knew for sure she was charging way less than others in her same type of business.

I explained that while it’s good to know the going rate for the type of services you provide, setting your prices is an inner game . If you dig deep enough, you know what you should be charging. There’s a rate in your mind that doesn’t make you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, while also not feeling like you’re being overly greedy. You may not feel 100% comfortable with that number yet, but I bet you have a sense of what it is.

If you’re struggling with the knowledge that you’re not charging nearly enough for the value you provide to your clients, I encourage you to meditate with the intention of gaining clarity on what your rate should be, and then take steps to set your prices accordingly – not only in a literal sense of changing the price tag, but in an emotional sense where you can feel confident and secure asking for what you’re worth.

Of course, as with so many other things in business and life, raising your rates is way easier said than done. But if you value yourself, you’ll see that others will reflect that back to you as well. And, naturally, if you need a little confidence boost or a cheerleader on your sidelines, I’m here to help.

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