How (and why) to Choose Intuition Over Logic

In my life and my business, I pay special attention to my intuition and try to make my choices from there instead of my logical mind. It may seem counterintuitive to go with your gut instead of thinking out your options, but in my experience, spirit (the source of intuitive information) really knows what it’s talking about. Being attuned to spirit’s guidance is what has led me to be the mother, business owner, mentor, and wife I am today. And I know for sure I’m better off than I’d have been if I’d tried to follow only my own logic.

As much as intuition is a universal trait we all share, the way it comes through to us is quite an individual thing. Some people have visions (clairvoyance), others hear voices (clairaudience), and yet others get their messages in a totally different way. So, it’s not easy to tell you exactly how to listen to your own intuition.

For me, my intuition comes through as a feeling or a sense about the right next course of action. If you’ve ever been at one of my live events or in a teleclass with me, you’ve likely heard me take a moment to “check in,” or reference getting a “hit” about something. That’s me asking and listening to my intuition for guidance on the matter at hand.

When I first started to really lean into my intuition, I began by using it to make choices about small, everyday things like what to eat, which client to call first, or what way to drive to the store (because there’s always 5 different ways you can go.) All those little changes helped me set the intention that I was going to follow my intuition and trust spirit’s guidance on my decisions.

So, how do you start to do the same thing in your life? Well, first you figure out how your intuition comes through to you. Is it just a feeling that you should take a left instead of a right out of your driveway, or do you actually picture the street sign at the next corner? Do you hear a voice telling you to turn a different direction?

Have you ever dismissed a thought/feeling that, for example, you should take something with as you left home, only to find out later that you actually needed that item? That was your intuition speaking to you. Notice how messages like that come through to you, and start paying listening to them.

Intuition is a sort of language that you have to tune into. It’s always there, but sometimes we ignore it or turn it down so low we can’t hear it. The key to accessing your intuitive power is to nurture your relationship with it by paying attention to — and trusting — what it has to say.

Once you know how your guidance is coming through, you can start by leaning into it for your silly, low-risk decisions and just see what happens. It’s actually a fun little game that can give you great insight into how powerful, and just plain old smart, your intuitive side is.

Maybe start with your friends and family, or your longstanding clients. When they ask for your opinion on something, make the conscious decision that you’re not going to answer based on your logic, but on the feeling, or vision, or voice that comes through.

Check in, ask for guidance, follow that guidance, and see what happens. Be sure to let me know how it goes … you know I love a good success story. 😉

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