Let Your (Old) Self Go

When I first launched my business, I had a lot of worry about whether I’d get everything done. You see, ever since I was a kid, I’d been a huge procrastinator. All through high school and college, I’d wait until the very last minute to start projects, giving myself only a bare minimum amount of time to finish. Something about me wanted the pressure of the race against the clock, and apparently the panicked feeling of, “holy crap, I’m never going to make it in time.” I was scared I was going to run my business the same way.

Then one day it hit me. I wasn’t that same college student anymore. That girl who’d wait until the last possible second to start a homework assignment had been replaced by a woman who had started her own company, and who had the self awareness to identify her proclivity for procrastination so she could avoid falling into the same trap.

That’s what that “worry” really was. You know how some GPS programs will alert you if there’s construction ahead or an accident you should avoid? Me worrying that I’d procrastinate myself into bankruptcy was actually an internal warning system giving me a heads up about a hazard ahead. You see? I’d hit that procrastination pothole before, I’d learned my lesson, and my older, wiser self was reminding me to adjust my course so I didn’t hit it again—a skill that teenaged girl hadn’t quite mastered yet.

I’d grown into a new version of myself and I finally realized it was time to embrace her as she was. I wasn’t the same person I‘d been in the past when procrastination was an issue, and it was time to let the old version of me go.

Is there some trait or tactic you used in the past that you worry about repeating in the future? Maybe you had a tendency to overwork yourself, or you mismanaged your money, or you didn’t ask for help when you really needed it. Think back to those times then ask yourself, “Am I the same person today as I was back then?” (Hint: You’re not. I guarantee it.)

You have grown and learned, and you’ve developed self-awareness around your issues.

The fact that you recognized that trait in your history and you’re worried about it now is a great sign that you’re staying on top of it, so this time you can do differently. How cool is that? And now that you know what a good job the new you is doing, I give you full permission to finally let the old you go.

One Response to Let Your (Old) Self Go

  1. Nice message! Thanks for the permission to let the old self go! Ironically enough, I think I already did let her go…I gave the permission to myself…a big step for me, after looking for others approval or direction…I found it within myself…and began to trust myself and what my own living heart was saying, and followed it! However, your reminder is a very good one, so thank you for the inspiration and to help me remember the victory
    ! xoxox

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