Say No to Your Naysayers

A lot of being an entrepreneur—especially a successful one—is having the insight and the courage to consistently take the huge leaps you need to take to push your business to the next level. And, whether that’s through launching new products, investing in a mentorship, or even opening your business in the first place, making those decisions to put time, energy and money toward a goal is a big deal.

umbrellaSometimes the things we feel passionate about doing in and for our business can seem misguided or risky or even plain crazy to people who don’t get what we do, or understand our vision. So, when we tell people about our ideas and aspirations, we risk getting a response that can make us question our choices. Which is why you don’t tell your naysayers your goals.

Get out your umbrella.

As you work toward building and creating the business of your dreams, don’t allow the naysayers to rain on your parade. Your goals are fragile and delicate, particularly in their infancy, so you want to be careful of what you expose them to. Edwene Gaines, the author of The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, teaches that you should never share your goals with anyone who is not going to be 100% supportive.

You don’t want somebody to say, ‘Well, what do you want that for?’ or, ‘We’ve never done anything like that in our family.’ You can tell prayer partners, mastermind groups, somebody you know who will believe in you. That’s good stuff. —Edwene Gaines

When you share your goals with the naysayers, their negative voice has the potential to get louder in your head than your own. Then, when doubts start to creep in, as they always do, you’ll start to think they may be right, which could make you back off and miss out on creating your vision.

Getting advice from someone who supports you is one thing, but your own voice still needs to be loudest in your head. You have to put yourself first and advocate for your passion and for your own best interest, as determined by you. Which, not only means protecting yourself from people who try to hold you back, but also choosing to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

It’s something that often happens to people who make huge leaps and investments in their growth. Many times we’ll begin our journey to bigger and better, and we start to see things around us that don’t fit any more. Sometimes it’s a mindset or your physical environment, and in other cases it’s your business partners or personal relationships. And letting go of those things can be really rough, but it’s a natural part of the process. As unpleasant as we may find it, for change to happen, things have to change. The sooner we can accept that and release the things that are no longer working, the sooner we can embrace and benefit from the things that are. Of course, dissolving relationships over business decisions is at the extreme end of the spectrum, and I’m certainly not advocating that you rashly start cutting ties with people, but it is important to listen to and follow your heart.

Maybe the thing that’s no longer working for you is your marketing message. When we grow and gain clarity in our businesses, what we offer and how we offer it evolves. As that happens, our marketing message needs to evolve along with it. So, if that’s the case with you, and you need more help identifying your Ideal Clients, finding the perfect words for your marketing, or discovering your Marketing Strategy Sweet Spot™ —check out our incredible Cash Through Clarity Training & Coaching Program. Be sure to take advantage of our new free bonus, “The Packaging Your Genius Formula” video training – a $2000 value! Learn more at

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