Intuition and Business: There is No Exception

Everyday I ask myself what my intuition is guiding me to do or say.  Everyday I ask my clients what their intuition is guiding them to do or say.  Intuition is a powerful tool that we all have and all utilize to some extent.  We call it our gut, a hunch, a feeling, inner guidance, etc.  Some of us even use our intuition to help others as a professional service.  However, when it comes to our business we often dismiss our feelings and concede to a “professional”.  We often wonder if our intuition knows what it is doing in this area.  As if business is an exception. We say, I don’t have a business degree, I’m not a marketing consultant, maybe I should just push past the feeling of “this isn’t right” and listen to what the professionals say.

Something is Just Not Right

I’m here to tell you that you have all the answers you need inside about your business and when you take time to listen it will serve your highest good.  Every time you ignore your inner voice, a small part of you withers away.  It creates a disconnect, a misalignment and over time your business (and life) begins to feel out of sorts.  You’ll feel like something is “just not right.”  That “something” is all those times you dismissed your intuition and yielded to an external influence instead.  It’s time to trust yourself.

Here are six signs that you may need to stop what you are doing and take time to listen to your intuition:

  1. You are going around and around in your mind about something and feel confused or stuck.
  2. You say, “I just need to figure this out!”  (Whenever I hear myself say this I know I need to switch from my head to my heart.)
  3. Money is the prominent decision making factor.
  4. When you feel the slightest feeling of obligation, guilt or “should.”
  5. You keep asking others for advise and it makes you more confused.
  6. You are relying on expert’s advise at the exclusion of looking inside yourself.

That Crossed My Mind

One day I had a thought about calling a certain client.  I met this gal at a networking group where I was the speaker.  She expressed interest in working with me one-on-one as a coach saying she really needed to get some clarity around her business.  I told her to give me a call, but I never heard from her.  Well, one morning out of the blue I had the thought, “I should call that gal I met.”  It had been over 3 months, but her name just popped into my head.  Now, when I’m in a questioning place, I might think that too much time has gone by and if she really wanted to work with me she would have called.  But, since I’m working on trusting my intuition more, I decided to call.   She was delighted to hear from me, said she had just been thinking about me and wanted to set up a meeting right away.  So, when a thought crosses your mind, pay attention!

Here are five signs that your business intuition is trying to communicate with you:

  1. You say, “That thought kept crossing my mind.”
  2. You think, “There’s just something about this that doesn’t feel right.”
  3. You are procrastinating or avoiding doing something.
  4. You are not looking forward to something.  Whenever you think about it you get a yucky feeling.
  5. You feel compelled to do something and are not sure why.

From The Inside Out

People often ask for my advise, “Do you think this is good timing to do this event?” or “Is there a market for this product or service?” and my favorite, “What do you think I should do?”  My favorite answer is, “What does your intuition say?”  There are lots of external factors we can consider when running a business, like what the “market” wants, but I believe we should always start with what WE want and go from there.  That is why our Conscious Marketing tagline is From the Inside Out.  Start with you, get real clear on what feels good to you, and then consider other things.

Here are some everyday business decisions that may go smoother when you listening to your gut or intuition:

  1. Setting pricing or project fees
  2. Deciding which clients to work with
  3. Hiring a vendor (accountant, lawyer, consultant, coach, etc)
  4. When to schedule meetings, deadlines and time off
  5. Determining what services to provide

When you are having trouble making a decision about something, stop and take time to listen to your intuition.  Take a walk, visit nature, take a deep breathe, meditate or journal for five minutes or just listen to music.  Create the space for your intuition and it will rise to the occasion.  Trust your intuition in all areas of your life; remember business is no exception.

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Conscious Marketing™.  On May 22nd she is leading a Conscious Marketing Workshop.  This interactive experience will help you connect with the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love and income you deserve.

Conscious Marketing also offers one-on-one coaching and creates marketing materials.  Visit or call 888-771-0156 for more details.

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