Do You Know Who Your ‘Ideal Client’ Is?

When I ask people this question, I usually get answers that are broad and factual.  For example, a chiropractor or energy worker may answer, “Anyone who has a health problem and lives in this area.“  But is that really an “Ideal Client?” Upon probing, the practitioner may reveal they prefer not to work with senior citizens or only clients who believe in their philosophy.  The point is — defining an “Ideal Client” is not just about demographics such as age, income and geographic location.  Building your business – like any relationship – is most successful when we connect with our true desires, so, finding your “Ideal Clients” is about subjective preferences.  Simply, it’s about what feels good or brings us joy.

Once you define your “Ideal Client,” you will know them when you meet them. I’ve seen this happen overwhelmingly in a most spontaneous way in my business — Conscious Marketing — and in many of my clients’ businesses.

Do You Turn Down Business?

It’s not uncommon for new healers to feel as if they should treat everyone with health problems because “they need the money.”  Soon they discover some clients just aren’t as agreeable as others. For some healers, it may be very difficult to work with people with terminal illnesses, while for others it may be very stressful to relate to non-participating clients who “just want to be fixed.”  If our clients don’t bring us joy, we probably won’t be in business for long.  And if we continue down that road, it will cause great stress and our bodies will let us know something needs changing.

What Client Do You Want to Clone?

Look around your business and ask “Who are my ‘Ideal Clients’? “  “Who do I want to clone?”  If you’re just starting out, imagine, as if you were in a daydream or meditation, who those clients might be. Or, ask friends and colleagues what works for them. The sky’s the limit. No, you won’t be narrowing it down too much. There’s an abundance of business for everyone!  Even if you decide you want to work only with divorced women over 40 who are changing careers, that’s an acceptable “Ideal Client” because this is your authentic desire. Your authenticity will attract these women.

Take some time to journal the answers to these statements.  It will help you connect with your heart’s desire:

  1. When I am with my “Ideal Client,” it increases my energy to work with these customers…
  2. I am reminded why I do the work I do after I’m with this client…
  3. If I had my way, I’d only work with…
  4. I want to help people who…

Are You Using the Law of Attraction for Good or Evil?

Once you define your “Ideal Client,” you’ll know them when you meet them.  Also, the Law of Attraction will be implemented so the universe can conspire to support you.  With clarity about your “Ideal Client,” the frequency you send out will attract them to you.  Now, here’s where the “evil” part comes in.  At one point I found myself attracting clients who “didn’t feel they had the money” to pay for my services.  As a result, I would say things like, “Small businesses don’t have the money for my services.”  This was also at a time when I realized I had a belief that my services weren’t worth a higher fee.  Which came first, the clients who “couldn’t” pay, or my belief?

We must be careful how we say things.  Even though I didn’t define my “Ideal Client” as someone who didn’t have money, I was sending out that frequency anyway!

Now I harness the power of clarity and intention for “good” and not “evil.” I affirmatively define my “Ideal Client” by saying, “They are excited about my services and willingly pay my fees!”

You Hold The Key

Be sure to focus on what you want.  It’s good to know what we DON’T want; however, we want to move as quickly as possible to focusing on what we DO want.  Use positive, present tense language.  If you’re grumbling to yourself, saying, “I don’t like clients who call me 10 times a day,” you can quickly convert it to a characteristic of your “Ideal Client” by identifying: “My clients honor my time and respect my boundaries.”

Above all, when you are specifying, your “Ideal Client,” reach inside and permit yourself to hope, dream and honor your deepest wishes for satisfying your truest desires in building your business.  You deserve the best clients in the world and they are out there waiting for you!  Ask and you shall receive!

Lisa Cherney is a Marketing Intuitive and President & Founder of Conscious Marketing.  Lisa has 15 years of corporate marketing and advertising agency experience and was trained by Dr. Doreen Virtue as a Spiritual Counselor.

Conscious Marketing offers workshops, coaching, evaluation of your current materials and can create your logo, brochure, website, etc.  Visit or call 888-771-0156.

3 Responses to Do You Know Who Your ‘Ideal Client’ Is?

  1. Amandah says:

    Great post…I booked marked it.

    I’m a freelance writer and recently uploaded a client questionnaire form on to my website. I was informed that most people won’t bother filling out a form. Furthermore, I was told that it’s not a good idea for a freelance writer to upload a form, that it will push potential clients away from my website. What do you think about this?

    • Kola says:

      it really depends on a couple of things such as:
      1. what the questionnaire is about
      2. how long it is
      3. whether there is an intrinsic or extrinsic incentive for a client to fill out the questionnaire

      The response you receive will depend on how well you manage these 3 factors. Hope that helps


  2. Alison Roth says:

    I wish I wrote this article. I work branding psychotherapists and it is all about your ideal client based on what you desire, what lights you up and attracting others to you. You captured the process and thinking around it is superb; It reflects everything I believe too. I’m also a fan of Abraham, Esther and Sweet Jerry.
    I signed up to talk with you about private coaching before I read this blog–now I’m even more impressed with my ability to spot a soul sister.

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